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Configuration contains the VF 1008 Feeder, BM 2000 Binder, FTR 2000 Trimmer, SQF 2000 Squarefolder and the BST 4000 Beltstacker. Process a variety of stocks in the same run. Load and run continuously. You could feed in a programmed order, for instance, cover stock, high gloss colour offset prints, mono and colour digital laser sets and multi-page inserts, and have them arrive on the delivery stacker one second later! A robust, easy-to-operate system for achieving short turn-around times in a production environment.

Plockmatic VF 1008 Feeder

Vacuum Smart Feeder and traditional collator in one.

Plockmatic VF 1008 Feeder
  • Truly flexible and versatile system
  • Merge prints and pre-sorted sets from different sources   
  • Each tower has 8 bins
  • 40mm bin capacity
  • In collator mode connect up to 3 towers
  • In feeder mode feed up to 60 different documents and a stack of 320mm can be loaded in cascade mode
  • Handles a wide variety of substrates and formats, from oversize A3 to CD
  • 40mm bin capacity   
  • Automatic side positioning is base on programmed format

Plockmatic BM 2000 Booklet Maker

Production-level in-line booklet maker.

Plockmatic BM 2000 Booklet Maker
  • Produces up to 100-page booklets
  • No speed reduction for large formats
  • Up to 3000 booklets per hour regardless of size
  • Special digital print handling, to avoid smearing and scratching
  • New design two-step fold rollers give a sharp fold without marking
  • User-friendly operator interface also activates and adjusts 'downstream' modules FTR 2000 (Trimmer) and SQF 2000 (Squarefolder)
  • Can also be handfed through a slot in the top
  • 10 open memories for job storage
  • Staple cartridges contain 5000 staples each

Plockmatic FTR 2000 Trimmer

Booklet front edge trimmer for a professional finish.

Plockmatic FTR 2000 Trimmer
  • Equipped with a large trim scrap bin
  • Has fans as standard to avoid having trim strips follow the books
  • Automatic setup through the BM 2000 operator interface

Plockmatic SQF 2000 Squarefolder

Professional flat-spine perfect bound appearance at a fraction of the cost. Print on the spine for enhanced appearance.

Plockmatic SQF 2000 Squarefolder
  • Up to 100-page booklets can be processed
  • Automatic setup through the BM 2000 operator interface