Ideal 4705 Manual Guillotine


Powerful manual office guillotine with a 475mm cutting length.

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Powerful manual office guillotine with a 475mm cutting length and 70mm cutting height.

  • Cutting length 475mm
  • Cutting height 70mm
  • Table depth 455mm
  • Transparent safety guard which has to be closed to unlock the lever for cutting
  • Hand crank and measuring scale ensures the exact positioning of the back gauge and precision cuts
  • Blade lever for effortless cutting and overload protection
  • Spindle clamp with hand wheel at both ends for firm even pressure
  • Precise measuring scale at the front of the table
  • Safe blade change with a blade changing device  to protect the operator form the cutting edge
  • Changing or turning the cutting stick can be done from the outside of the machine without any tools
  • Solid all metal construction
  • Resharpenable metal blade
  • Table top machine or optional stand available
  • Made in Germany 
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