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Our Staff
The Renz Group employs over 200 highly qualified co-workers. Approximately 8% of employees are in the apprentice program. Promotion from within is of the highest priority.

A combination of direct sales and partnerships around the world, assure that Renz products are handled according to our customers’ needs. Renz products are distributed and sold in over 80 countries world-wide.

Investment in the latest CAM and CNC equipment guarantees efficient, high quality manufacturing. We use our own technologies for the production of binding systems. We proudly manufacture the majority of our parts in house to assure quality and flexibility.

Our traditional product lines: Office Binding Systems, Binding on Demand (BOD), Commercial Binding Systems and Film Lamination.

Our products
Renz manufactures state of the art punching, binding and laminating systems from desktop to high output automated equipment. We produce double loop Ring Wire, plastic spirals, plastic combs and many accessories.

Through continuous improvements of our manufacturing processes and future developments of new and innovative products, we strive to produce superior products designed for ease of use and total customer satisfaction. Over 7 % of annual sales are spent on research & development.

The future
The future of Renz is built on the foundation of quality, innovation, flexibility and, most importantly, our people.

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